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Burning Down the House

The Great Un-Earthing

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Lets Go Even Deeper

3 Day Deep Dive

Self Discovery From Anywhere

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the who and how

of my work

Thank you for showing up. It's no coincidence that you have found yourself here.

I encourage, invite, and support you while you seek inwardly, into the depths and wholeness of who you really are. You will discover how to find the balance of your Being.

By gaining a clearer understanding of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, conditioning, energy, and patterns, you can start to understand how you operate, and how you react and respond to the world at hand.

I can help you see how you’ve arrived where you are, and why. This self-awareness will be your ally for the rest of your life.

I have had years of real-world training and have literally Mastered many areas in life that once eluded me. I am here to share them with you. You will be able to identify and unwind your own resistance patterns and behaviors that have been holding you hostage for years.

My guided Workshops, Virtual Guided Experiences, and Retreats are designed and structured around the incredible journey that I have been on – I share all that I have learned, the knowledge & insight that I have gained, and the wisdom & mastery I now hold and embody. You will have the tools to do this powerful work and transform your life.

My Self-Discovery (shadow-play, self-awareness) offerings can and will bring about change to your beliefs, thoughts, ideals, opinions and/or judgements - creating new possibilities for more joy, more peace, feeling hopeful and inspired. You will learn to understand and manage your behaviors.

Your life is a big blank canvas - how do you want this to look and feel – to experience? How beautiful can you imagine it to be - full of rich color, texture, imagination, and heart?

You will have a Superpower (have fun, give it a name!) that will support you for the rest of your life by bringing your shadow IN-TO the light.

You…are in alignment and have "called in" what it is that you are seeking, now let's explore all the possibilities together.

Welcome Brothers & Sisters...

Why do I believe I can guide you?

While a big part of my work involves diving into the shadow, we also look further, into the beauty of who you are: your light, your strengths, your abilities, your gifts, your talents -having the awareness of both our shadow and our light makes us whole BEings and frees us from our self-imposed shackles. We are both shadow and light. This is why there is so much magic in knowing ourselves completely, both in our light and our darkness.

My background has given me over two decades of observing behaviors in Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees in Human Resources for 21 years, managing and leading in upwards of nine direct reports, and 21 years in Alcoholics Anonymous, where I worked with hundreds of people.

I am inherently a dot-connector, a pattern seer, a behavioral tracker. I can see threads of energy where it needs to connect - these are some of my gifts. I have used these gifts to better understand human behavior - I am a researcher without researching, rather observing, and filing and storing the information.

I have a keen ability to assess patterns and behaviors effortlessly, therefore allowing us to get into the root of your shadow more quickly, so you can process and start to integrate.

I stumbled my way into Spiritual Self-Mastery, literally. To walk myself through some of the most challenging times of one’s life and being in the Dark Night of the Soul for almost five years was no joke. I had no spouse, no partner, no kids, no parents or siblings, no nieces or nephews for whom I could say “I want to go on living for them!” it was just me, having to decide to live for myself. And this was where I learned all about what self-love actually means.

Spiritual Self-Mastery simply means to heal one’s life in order to move towards one’s soul | spiritual purpose.


Working with India has been a potent experience in understanding my shadow and what thought patterns have aided in me staying stuck in it. India has a potent, fierce and loving way of getting me to look at my experiences and the thought patterns that have fed the stories that have kept me stuck-- never shaming me for my humanness, just reminding me that I have potent wisdom and gifts to bring forward from my shadowy experiences. She led me to and held space for me to identify what tools would work for me to help me redirect my thoughts-- CHOICE is SO empowering! India is great at what she does because she teaches from a place of experience and "walks the walk" when it comes to healing, growth and overcoming really hard sh*t. My husband also sings her praises-- "she really gets through to you," he says. Thank you India from teaching from a place of experience and authenticity-- and helping me rise above my victimhood.

Elena S.

What does Self-Discovery mean?

Most of us think we know who we are, yet have never taken inventory of ourselves, by looking within, or even asking ourselves the question “who am I?” I don’t mean your labels - your job, your gender, your hobbies, being a parent, a child, your political stance, your religious affiliation etc. I am referring to who you are deep in the well of your BEing. No change can take place within you until you are aware of who you are today. We are here to focus on your Inner-World, where you have control of your emotions, behaviors, patterns, perspective and your responses and reactions to your outer-world.

Your outer world changes when your inner world does.

As your guide, I am here to help you see and view the world through a different lens – a lens that can support you in co-creating different energy and behaviors, resulting in a more joyful way to live.

I use a variety of tools and questions that are deeply thought-provoking, and help to identify patterns, behaviors, or conditioning of self. We put the shackles on ourselves, nobody did this to us and we equally have the power to remove them.

I create with intention, the opportunity for change. I am only as good of a sherpa, guide, mentor, or facilitator as your willingness to shift and change – it’s about results for me. If you aren’t successful, then neither am I; your willingness to open yourself up will determine your growth – it’s the key.

I encourage, invite, and inspire you to consciously wake up to your true-life purpose. We get you here by examining your life through a different filter. We dive deep into the waters of Self: self-worth, self-esteem, self-sabotage, and self-discovery, in order to See, Feel and Acknowledge your true self – the Spirit | Soul Self.

This could be the decision that creates alignment in your life!

You are the GIFT that you have been searching for!

A Journey to Inner Freedom, through self-discovery.

There is a nut for every screw - as they say – it’s about who you relate to, and who you resonate with based on where you are on your current path and your life’s circumstances. 

With my full, personal attention I guide you in the process by supporting you to see your blocks, your shadow, and/or your lack of self-awareness. I will challenge you, from the heart, to push beyond your limitations, and see how your views of the world may not be serving you. I use a variation of tools and questions that are deeply thought provoking and help to identify patterns, behaviors, or conditioning of oneself, as we put the shackles on ourselves, nobody does this for us, and we equally have the power to remove them.

These un-seen or unaware parts of our personality are the hidden drivers of all the decisions we make, or don’t make - in life. The shadow is the foundation of who we’ve become and influences why we do what we do. When we are focused outside of ourselves (seeking to external factors) to find internal peace, validation, and self worth etc. we are left forever searching as the answers lie within. 

Oftentimes these shadow aspects are often running the show because we can’t see what we don’t yet see, and we don’t know what we don’t yet know. We do everything possible to avoid examining and looking at these hidden parts of ourselves. Things you may do to avoid these parts of yourself, and are now energizing the self-sabotage.

My work is done through helping you shine a light on your own path, not a path that I want for you, or to follow the path I took. I guide you into a more sustainable way of living life; more joy, peace within, acceptance and surrender.

If you can relate to any part of my journey, my experiences, perhaps I am the right person for you to work with.

Please note: I am not a licensed therapist, trauma therapist, crisis counselor or other – if you are experiencing crisis or trauma, albeit recent or past, that are trauma based, please seek out the appropriate support needed, there are some links on my resource page.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call 911 or the suicide hotline – and know you are loved and you are supported.


How is my course work different?