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the who and how of my work.

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have you seen my book?

Coming soon...

Learn about my program...

Burning Down the House

The Great Un-Earthing

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Let's Go Even Deeper

3 Day Deep Dive

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Namaste Beautiful Souls


I am so happy that you have found yourself here!

May you seek and find some inspiration, hope, possibilities, and relatability, through my journey – and what a journey it was!

I never knew what I was made of - or capable of - until I went through my entire life collapsing in 2008. Going through such an intense experience galvanized me, forging me with an iron spirit. Through pure Will, Courage, Determination and Surrender, I picked myself up by the scruff of my neck and walked the challenging path of doing the work. I spent years in self-work: processing my own patterns, conditioning, behaviors, story-telling, addictions, alcoholism; guiding me to a place of no longer visiting, but fully living in, greater self-awareness: deep joy, freedom, hope, peace, and heart-centeredness.  

I have learned to laugh - a lot - and continue to see the utter humor to the vast situations I continue to find myself in and that in itself is a gift; medicine for the soul. Medicine I am here to share with you beloved soul.

My Story

How I was able to move myself out of such darkness...

I had a lot of unraveling to do on myself before I could even begin to heal. I had been so conditioned in-my-ways through my upbringing and the fellowship of AA (people’s beliefs/opinions), and what the Big Book and the Steps & Traditions stated – and I followed it religiously. I had no sense of self, I didn’t even know the language of those words let alone embody them.

Based on the emotional condition I was in at the time, it took me awhile to change, to finally get it, as I was so full of anger and being the victim - mostly at Institutions (IRS, Companies as a whole, Credit Bureaus, Medical system etc.).  

After having another cathartic experience in 2017 I was finally able to “knowingly” surrender that first time, and subsequently several times since.  

I am a processor of self all the time, and it’s the methodology in which I process, that has allowed for incredible insight and healing. Once I unraveled, I then began on embarking on knitting and weaving my life in a way that is full of love, joy, peace and compassion.

In 2005, I had a successful career in Human Resources - Talent Acquisition specifically. I began acquiring investment properties, I had a long-term relationship with my partner of 14 years, I was 18 years sober, and living in the center of Alcoholics Anonymous. I had a relationship with a God of my understanding, and was living all of it in the 3rd Dimension, material world, reality - meaning, it was based strictly on my outer-world existence and where I stood in it. I had no clue whatsoever about my inner world, my spirit or my soul.

Through the years

In 2008, a series of deaths, divorce, health crises, financial collapse, and many other calamities began to accumulate that would land me in a deep depression. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through to the other side of any of it, and I was hanging on to the last thread. It was as if my very existence would dissolve. I had a deep sense of knowing what was happening, but I did not have the knowledge, the language, nor the tools to even begin to grasp what was seemingly happening FOR me. I could only helplessly witness what was happening TO me. Which only caused me to spiral down further into anxiety and depression with 21 years of sobriety.

Through the years

In 2011, I thought my life had shifted significantly from where I was in 2008. It was a long emotional recovery from all those life-changing tsunamis. I headed from California to Arkansas for a 6-month project and I was looking forward to a change in scenery.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This sent me spiraling into a whole new low of depression. This I believe, is where I entered into my Dark Night of the Soul for the next 5 years.

Through the years

I took a full-time position in Arkansas in 2013. In 2015, I took 3 ½ months off work for my breast reconstruction surgeries. The surgeon was in San Diego County, CA and soon I stumbled upon a yoga studio, the Soul of Yoga, located just up the street from my friend’s home where I was staying during my recovery. When I began having severe complications from surgery, I was forced to quit my job in Arkansas to return home to California. It was during this time that I met several shamans, healers, yoga teachers, and an energy coach – all from this yoga studio, who guided and supported me through my process of healing all that had transpired.

Through the years

In 2018, I started working with a shaman and using plant medicine. The combination of my “self-work” and the plant medicine catapulted my self-awareness, and expanded my vibration – I was in so much alignment and synchronicity that I could not even comprehend the 180-degree turn my life’s path took. 

Through the years

In 2020, it all went off the rails – by 3D standards. However, every bit of it was necessary in order for me to expand into another layer of my Being. I was in another very deep process that included clearing lifetimes of karma with my partner, ancestral karma, bringing all my shadow and trauma into my awareness – and working through all of it. I took myself on a Right of Passage while partaking in Earth | Plant Medicine-which was to fully understand that we are both the shadow and the light, and I beautifully and consciously uncoupled with my partner. And I have been on a sweet, joyful, graceful, beautiful ride ever since.

Through the years

It was so epic, on so many levels, that I started the second book on January 1, 2021.

By 2022, I had my first book, Un-Earthed, The Journey Within published.

My story is a deeply personal one, full of authentic honesty, rawness, and vulnerability.

I share with you how I overcame my outdated belief system which kept me in my twisted cycle of thoughts, behaviors, and actions, to become the Spiritual Warrior* that I am today.

*A simplified definition of “Spiritual Warrior” is someone who has overcome self-ignorance.

Through the years

Legally changed my entire name

I have

Sober for 35 Years

I've Been


I love

Yarn dreads  for 4 years

I had

some interesting facts...

In my authentic Self

I live

some things i love

These are a few

Popcorn and m&m's together are my absolute favorite treat!

of my favorite things

Thing 1

My morning coffee

Thing 2

Flowers – I love having fresh flowers in my home weekly

Thing 3

Riding my 300CC Vespa on the open road or along the Pacific Coast

Thing 4